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The Challenge

The Challenge

Do you want the State of California to protect your right to use natural gas for home cooking and heating?

Do you want other clean energy options, besides electricity, for California households and businesses?

Do you want California to continue the use of renewable natural gas derived from landfills, agriculture, and wastewater treatment plants?

If you are like most Californians, you answered “YES!

Yet, there are powerful organizations that are working to take away your right to choose affordable natural and renewable gas. For them, it’s electricity or nothing!

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Californians for Balanced Energy Solutions is leading the fight for balanced state energy policies that:

Protect consumer choice

Today, all California households and businesses can choose the type of energy that meets their specific needs. In opinion survey after survey, California voters overwhelmingly support continued energy choice.

Keep energy affordable for Californians

An electric-only crusade will require Californians to switch out appliances, while also requiring costly home improvements to accommodate more expensive electric-only appliances, which would cost homeowners on average up to $7500. Such a policy would raise household utility bills to nearly $400 annually, which would most affect California’s lowest income residents.

Stop the creation of an all-electric monopoly

The desire to fight climate change has led some policy-makers, regulators, and environmental advocates to seek to curb and ultimately eliminate the use of natural and renewable gas and mandate that Californians rely solely on electrical energy. Last year legislation was introduced in Sacramento to outlaw the use of natural gas in all new buildings and to mandate replacement of existing appliances with electric-only appliances by 2030.

Continue the fight against climate change

California leads the nation in efforts to address climate change with innovative policies that have achieved a significant reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Natural and renewable gas should continue to be part of California’s balanced energy portfolio. These clean energy resources complement California’s clean electricity, including solar, wind, and hydro-generated power. As part of a balanced energy policy, they help ensure the state’s climate goals are met.

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