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Setting the record straight on balanced energy policies

I am the President of Local 132 of the Utility Workers Union of America, AFL-CIO (UWUA). I represent over 4,000 men and women working throughout Southern California to provide safe, affordable, responsive and environmentally responsible natural gas to over 20 million Californians, nearly 6 million households, and one of the largest concentrations of industrial, logistical and commercial activities in the world.

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Elimination of Natural Gas Could Cost Consumers

Before Culver City rushes headlong into following the City of Berkeley and eliminating natural gas hookups from residential buildings, it should carefully consider the consequences.

In particular, for a city so concerned with social justice and equity issues, the economic impact of mandated electrification on its most vulnerable community members could be severe.

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CRA files suits against City of Berkeley over natural gas ban

Earlier this year, the City of Berkeley banned natural gas infrastructure — effectively banning natural gas use — in newly-constructed buildings. The ban, which violates both state and federal law, will impact both residential and commercial construction, and will have uniquely negative impacts on restaurants. The CRA is acting to protect the interests of its members.

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Energy choice matters: Tracy Hernandez

While Berkeley and San Luis Obispo have gotten a lot of media attention for phasing out natural gas in new home construction, little attention has been paid to the 106 California local governments that have adopted smart resolutions to keep energy choice for affordable reliable heating, cooling, and cooking in our homes. That’s right, 106 local governments are opposed to eliminating natural gas in new construction. In total, they represent nearly 6.9 million people—close to 20 percent of Californians.

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Tesla subject of new NHTSA probe over battery software update

Earlier this year, owners of 2012-2019 Tesla Model S and Model X electric cars received an over-the-air software update that was meant to address battery management systems. Now, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration wants to know if Tesla should have recalled the cars for a potential defect.

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How ‘Climate Week’ Completely Missed The Boat On Natural Gas

As a cleaner, more flexible, and more reliable fuel that supports intermittent wind and solar power, Natural gas is a centerpiece of climate and energy strategies put forth, including under President Obama Incredibly, Climate Week in New York City did not have a single “Energy Transition” event that focused on gas. We know that this is a terrible missed opportunity because the surge in U.S. gas use has the country leading the world in CO2 reduction.

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These San Gabriel Valley Restaurant Owners Think Giving Up Gas Stoves Will Make Their Food Mushy

In the kitchen of Shanghailander Palace in Arcadia, chef Chun Lei tosses raw shrimp into a wide wok bubbling noisily with oil. BAM! A sizzling thunderclap. Flames shoot out from under the wok. The shrimp turns a lovely pink. Cooking with gas is dramatic, sweaty, and part of the rhythm in the fabled kitchens of San Gabriel Valley’s Chinese restaurants. But some chefs like Lei worry that days of the gas stove could be numbered.

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The next target in the climate-change debate: your gas stove

Dozens of cities in liberal-leaning states such as California, Washington, and Massachusetts are studying proposals to ban or limit the use of natural gas in commercial and residential buildings. The movement opens a new front in the fight against climate change that could affect everything from heating systems in skyscrapers to stoves in suburban homes.

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Artificially limiting our natural resources

Earlier this week, supporters (and some protesting opponents) of natural gas gathered at a conference in Riverside to discuss California’s move to become a zero-emission state, spurred by the 2018 signing of Senate Bill 1477, aimed at making California homes and businesses “near-zero emissions.”

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Berkeley’s ban on natural gas is an overreaction to climate change

First, California produces about 1% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Forcing people to switch to all-electric homes will have an insignificant effect on climate change but will cost billions of dollars to retrofit older homes and purchase electric appliances. There is no consideration of what the carbon footprint is for that change, because, let’s be honest, all those new appliances and changes have an impact.

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