Study finds proposed electrification would cost homeowners thousands of dollars

A recent study found that switching from gas and other types of appliances would cost the average California homeowner over $7,200 in upfront expenses.  Ongoing costs would also hurt homeowners and renters alike – increased energy costs would go up by $388 each year.

  • Switching to all-electric appliances would cost CA consumers over $7,200 and increase energy costs by up to $388 per year.
  • This would result an annual cost increase of $4.3 to $6.1 billion across California’s 7 million single-family homes.
$2,600 LOST

Homeowners would need to pay roughly $2,600 for the purchase and installation of new electric appliances.

5,000 Hours WASTED

Many homes are not wired to handle the electric load from having all-electric stoves, space heaters, and water heaters in addition to their usual electric appliances.


The cost to upgrade wiring and electrical panels plus the cost of purchasing new electric appliances is more than $7,200 per home.

$613 - $877 / year

The $613 - $877 combined annual cost increase to homeowners represents an estimated 1-2% of median household income for California customers.


According to the California Air Resources Board, the building sector accounts for about 9% of the state’s total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions today. Electrification of the residential sector would only decrease total GHG emissions by about 2%.

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