Month: November 2019

Elimination of Natural Gas Could Cost Consumers

Before Culver City rushes headlong into following the City of Berkeley and eliminating natural gas hookups from residential buildings, it should carefully consider the consequences.

In particular, for a city so concerned with social justice and equity issues, the economic impact of mandated electrification on its most vulnerable community members could be severe.

CRA files suits against City of Berkeley over natural gas ban

Earlier this year, the City of Berkeley banned natural gas infrastructure — effectively banning natural gas use — in newly-constructed buildings. The ban, which violates both state and federal law, will impact both residential and commercial construction, and will have uniquely negative impacts on restaurants. The CRA is acting to protect the interests of its members.

Energy choice matters: Tracy Hernandez

While Berkeley and San Luis Obispo have gotten a lot of media attention for phasing out natural gas in new home construction, little attention has been paid to the 106 California local governments that have adopted smart resolutions to keep energy choice for affordable reliable heating, cooling, and cooking in our homes. That’s right, 106 local governments are opposed to eliminating natural gas in new construction. In total, they represent nearly 6.9 million people—close to 20 percent of Californians.