Month: August 2019

Artificially limiting our natural resources

Earlier this week, supporters (and some protesting opponents) of natural gas gathered at a conference in Riverside to discuss California’s move to become a zero-emission state, spurred by the 2018 signing of Senate Bill 1477, aimed at making California homes and businesses “near-zero emissions.”

Berkeley’s ban on natural gas is an overreaction to climate change

First, California produces about 1% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Forcing people to switch to all-electric homes will have an insignificant effect on climate change but will cost billions of dollars to retrofit older homes and purchase electric appliances. There is no consideration of what the carbon footprint is for that change, because, let’s be honest, all those new appliances and changes have an impact.

Why these 17 cities oppose eliminating natural gas in California

More than a dozen San Gabriel Valley cities are pushing back on an effort that could ban the use of natural gas in residential and commercial buildings.
The California Public Utilities Commission and the California Energy Commission have been holding workshops throughout the state to discuss and gather public feedback over the implementation of Senate Bill 1477, which strives to reach near-zero emission homes. The move calls for an electric-only model.