Month: June 2019

Local leaders advocate for energy diversity

Local county supervisors joined California energy groups and companies, and a local business association to brief local media and stakeholders on recent state energy policies in the courtyard between the Saroyan Theater and Valdez Hall on Thursday.

Renewable gas: A sound option to fight organic waste

The Puente Hills Landfill in Los Angeles is the largest landfill in the United States (rising 500 feet high and covering 700 acres) and it has a capacity of 700 million tons. However, there is one caveat for this exercise that I forgot to mention — none of the organic waste can go to a landfill.

It is time to protect California’s energy diversity

The benefits of diversity are seemingly everywhere in California. We celebrate different lifestyles, religions, cultures, music, languages, cuisine and geography. The value of diversity can be seen in other ways, too, practical ones such as the popularity of mutual fund investments, eating a balanced diet or making sure an NFL team has a playbook with multiple options.