Month: April 2019

We need both renewables and natural gas

Renewable Energy and natural gas aren’t an “either/or” choice for New England: Now and for years to come, they’re a “both/and” necessity to ensure we have a reliable, affordable energy system our six states can count on.

Electrify everything? Not if getting rid of natural gas makes California even less affordable

Southern California Edison’s highest rate for homes that use the most electricity is 42 cents per kilowatt-hour, far above the national average of about 12 cents. Granted, Edison’s base rate is much less than 42 cents, but the energy usage covered by that tier is for essentials such as lighting and refrigerators. If we force residents to use only non-gas appliances, their electric bills will likely triple or more.

California’s self-created future energy crisis

In much of the country a powerful energy boom is providing a serious stimulus to economic growth. But in California, where fossil fuels are considered about toxic as tobacco, we are lurching toward an anticipated energy shortage that will further exacerbate the state’s already deep geographic and class divisions.